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Traveling is a pleasure that everyone should live once

Who hasn’t dreamed of traveling first class and feeling pampered from boarding to arrival at destination?

We’ve all fantasized about it at some point, but how much more do we want to live the experience of a private flight? An experience that is simply designed and prepared according to our tastes and needs.

And that is what it is all about, private or executive aviation is not simply connecting one destination with another, but it is an experience that is not only pleasant but also adapts to everything that the passenger who hires it needs, this can be from schedules, destinations and even what happens during the flight.

The following are the differentials that make private aviation a unique experience and increasingly chosen by the most demanding travelers.

Most of the CEOs of these companies emphasize that in order to provide a differentiated service, the key lies in getting to know the customers and attendees in an exhaustive manner, for which the work done by the Customer Service Department is vital, which is in charge of correctly investigating them in order to clearly identify their requirements. In this way, they are able to anticipate needs and in some cases even surprise them on board.

The needs may be diverse depending on the characteristics of the flight, among the main ones, the following stand out:

Luxury and comfort: Flying should be a pleasure and companies will make your charter experience as luxurious and comfortable as possible.

Discretion and security: This is a point of extreme sensitivity for all companies, it is the most important aspect. Both safety, since we are dealing with the relocation of human lives, and discretion, since on many occasions work meetings are held or important national and international figures are being transported.

Customized flight plan: Whether you need to connect to a scheduled flight or create your own travel itinerary (airports, schedules, etc.) you will be provided with the best options.

Airports: To reach where regular airline services do not reach. Land at the airport closest to your destination.

Access to exclusive terminals: It will allow you to avoid the rush, the usual airport hustle and bustle and the queues at security checkpoints.

Catering service: The exclusive and personalized catering services on board deserve a special mention.

They can be of the most eccentric and varied, including traditional dishes, typical regional foods and even things that we would not imagine could be served on board.

Many companies have Chefs of renowned trajectory for the elaboration of the menu they offer, although if what is offered does not satisfy the client’s needs, it can be perfectly adapted.

It is for all these reasons that it is easy to understand why most passengers yearn to be able to experience a transfer of these characteristics.