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Business Aviation: Growing industry

If anything defines the world in which we live in recent decades, it is the constant development of communications and globalization, and with it the growing need to shorten distances and borders.

The progress of these concepts has given time and logistics a preponderant importance when it comes to adjusting agendas and planning business.

Originally, business aviation and private flights were closely associated with luxury and eccentricity, but over the years the industry is growing rapidly, to the point that by 2026 this form of travel is expected to grow a third faster than the rest of the industry.

But, what is it that leads to choose business aviation as an option when traveling? These trips are not only composed of first class seats, the main benefits are identified in, for example, not having to go through airport procedures such as check-in, as well as being able to have an aircraft available to leave at the least expected time and arrive at the destination of your choice.

Perhaps the most important benefit of business aviation, though, is control over a factor that, as the years go by, we will control less and less: time.

“We are increasingly poor at controlling our time. We live in an increasingly complex and cramped environment that absorbs more and more resources, yet we expect to move around the planet – whether for work or leisure – more quickly and immediately,” says Clive Jackson in an article on the future of private aviation for Billionaire.

The opportunity offered by renting a private jet is the advantage of privacy, comfort, productivity, time savings, control of the route and schedule, as well as allowing us to connect with different people, places, ideas, ideologies.